Michelle Soh, B.Sc (Honors), MSc.PT

Registered Physiotherapist

Michelle Soh (she/her) graduated from University of British Columbia with an Honors Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology and Master of Physical Therapy. She has pursued advanced training in the areas of pelvic health, orthopedics, neurological rehabilitation, geriatrics, and is a certified functional dry needling practitioner.

She chooses to dedicate her practice to pelvic health because she is fascinated by the significant improvements in quality of life that can be achieved simply by improving pelvic health. Her passion and enthusiasm for her profession comes from connecting with her patients, helping them to progress towards their goals through specific evidence informed interventions, and because she enjoys seeing them achieve each small milestone along the way.

Michelle has experience working with women, men, and transgender individuals in the areas of bladder/bowel concerns, pelvic pain conditions, prolapse,and sexual dysfunction. She also has a keen interest in special topics in women’s health including pre/post-natal wellness, endometriosis, post-hysterectomy treatment, as well as transgender care including pre/post vaginoplasty, metoidioplastyand phalloplasty, and is trained in pessary fitting.

Michelle alsopractices at the UBC Bladder Care Center, where she is part of an integrated team of urologists and nurse continence advisors, and at the Vancouver Gender Affirming Surgery Program, which is the first of its kind in British Columbia.

In her spare time, she is a globetrotter who enjoys venturing off the beaten path and immersing herself in different cultures throughout the world. You might even spot her on a volleyball court, in yoga class, or running on the beautiful Vancouver seawall.

Why “Inner Circle”?

A name can mean so much. To me, a circle is a shape that is inclusive, soft and without any sharp corners or edges. It represents a space that is safe, inclusive and symbolic of a true partnership that depends everyone’s efforts. Also, our pelvic floor is our personal “Inner Circle” that is with us everywhere we go!


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