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pelvic floor physiotherapy for all genders

Conditions we can help with

Have you ever experienced . . .

  • Urinary leakage when you cough, sneeze, work-out …or any other activity
  • Difficulty controlling your bladder and feeling like you need to run to the washroom frequently
  • Gas or bowel movements coming out unexpectedly or urgency with these activities
  • Feelings of heaviness in the pelvic area post-partum
  • Low back pain, or pain in your pubic bone area during your pregnancy
  • Pain during intercourse or during gynecological examinations
  • Separation in your abdominal wall or seen doming in your abdomen after pregnancy
  • Issues with your core or pelvic floor function – usually they go hand in hand!
  • Concerns with bladder/bowel/sexual function post gender affirmation surgery
  • Discomfort/pain in your tailbone area
  • Something else going on “down there” that you are not quite sure how to describe ? You are definitely not alone! It’s why we have a virtual 10 min “Meet & Greet” option to talk it through together

Did you know?

Physiotherapists are primary care practitioners.
No referral necessary.
My doctor recommended pelvic floor physio because of my prolapse post-partum and problems with urination. I was skeptical at first, but it really did help over time with the exercises
S. Wong
I had vaginoplasty surgery outside BC and did not get any after-care with so much pain after during dilation to keep my depth. Michelle took the time to listen and help me. I am waiting for my revision. Will be back to see her.
K. Cory
Michelle has been so great helping me with my urinary leakage. It has been bothering me for years I wish I found out about pelvic physiotherapy sooner!
R. Hu

Client testimonials shared with only with consent from our clients. Thank you for your kind words!

Get to know us !

Inner Circle Physiotherapy was started with the goal of providing an inclusive, safe space for clients to work on their pelvic health concerns and to achieve lifelong skills that will be valuable throughout life.

The focus of our treatments will always be evidence-informed (ie : research based!) with a “whole-body” approach and most importantly — with your goals in mind!

Conveniently located inside vibrant SOLO District office towers.

Grab a coffee, ATTEND PHYSIO, get groceries afterwards !